Justice for Jane, Jay, and John Doe

If you’re reading this, it’s not too late to learn more about consent!

Achieving a healthy interpersonal relationship is possible!

But, it requires lots of work and constant learning/unlearning.

This post accompanies our season one finale, “Supporting Jane Doe.” It is our intention to serve folks looking for independent, asynchronous learning opportunities in these areas of societal “taboo.” So, as promised, we put together a list of some of our favorite resources for our audience members to venture through on your own.



Miss Representation on Apple TV+

The Invisible War on HBOMax

Audrie & Daisy on Netflix

The Hunting Ground on HBOMax

On The Record on HBOMax

Allen v Farrow on HBOMax

Leaving Neverland on HBOMax

Surviving R. Kelly on Netflix

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark on HBOMax

Girl Rising on Vudu

Brave Miss World on YouTube


Promising Young Woman on YouTube

The Whistleblower on Amazon Prime

Spotlight on Netflix

Boys Don’t Cry on Apple TV+

Precious on Hulu

The Kite Runner on Hulu

The Accused on Amazon Prime

The Color Purple on YouTube

Thelma and Louise on Amazon Prime

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on Netflix


I May Destroy You on HBOMac

13 Reasons on Netflix

The Tale on HBOMax

Big Little Lies on HBOMax

Unbelievable on Netflix

Sharp Objects on HBOMax

Sex Education on Netflix

The Morning Show on Apple TV+

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