Curiosity Killed the Cat

Curiosity killed the cat-but information brought it back!

This season on Sorry, I’m on Break we’ve dedicated two whole episodes to empowering your empathy towards animals!

Be curious and appreciate the creatures we share this planet with. But remember: understanding, loving, and empathizing with the animals we love means not participating in activities, institutions, and/or ecosystems that contribute to their oppression. Take a safari within the comfort of your break time. Dedicate your time and efforts to the humane ways you can support the animals you love.

Tune into our conversations around adopting versus shopping, animal captivity and rescue farms, the health benefits of eating vegan, and entrepreneurialism! Our first “Sorry I’m On Break” guest episodes (S1 E7 and 8) feature Janet Davis Washington, esteemed business owner/operator of Finley & Friends, dog mom, and wife. Janet has been a part of our curated family longer than either of us have been alive. Years ago, Janet took the bold step of dedicating her life to clean, healthy, and sustainable eating and living practices. Today, she serves as an inspiration to entrepreneurs, dog parents, and aspiring vegan eaters all over the world!

For additional information on topics directly referenced in the episodes, or to support Janet’s growing business, please review our list below!

Love and pets,

1. Finley & Friends

A female owned and operated vegan dog treat business based in the Bay Area, CA.

2. Pets in Need

A no-kill shelter finding homes for bunnies, puppies, and kittens throughout the Peninsula/Bay Area, CA.

3. Cali K9 (San Jose)

A dog training business that specializes in rehabilitating unwanted/”problem” dogs and finding them safe forever homes.

4. “Main Street Vegan” (by Victoria Moran)

A veganism lifestyle guidebook and informational read for aspiring vegans or vegans looking for support in promoting veganism as a lifestyle.

5. The Cove (iTunes)

A documentary featuring the animal rights activism work of those dedicated to ending the international annual tradition of dolphin diving.

6. Forks Over Knives (Tubi)

A documentary, and meal-planning organization, committed to changing the way people view the connection between nutrition, physical health, and environmental wealth.

7. Blackfish (Netflix)

A critical documentary exemplifying the inhumane animal captivity crisis (and how We can contribute to ending it).

Looking for some truly healthy, hearty vegan treats for your fur friend? Feeling misinformed about the #adoptdontshop debate? Catch up by listening to episodes 7 and 8 NOW!

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